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Thursday, 21 February 2013 21:23

SuccessQuest once again featured in BISA Onesource Newsletter

Nathan Bergeland shares his personal and professional story of success in the financial services field in his most recent white paper, "Don't Confuse Productivity with Activity". 

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Out of Saint Olaf College with a BA in Economics, I had the opportunity to try out as a defensive tackle for the Atlanta Falcons and the following year for the Minnesota Vikings. I wasn’t the biggest, fastest, strongest or even the toughest player out on the gridiron; however, I was dedicated to productive, measured activities.

Being at the top of your game doesn’t mean that you just decide it will happen and then you do it. It takes dedication to the art of your profession. Football is a game of four second plays. The average starting professional player will log fewer than 10 minutes of action on a Sunday afternoon game. To prepare for ten minutes of work per week, we would practice formations, test our reactions to opponent’s formations, and practice stunts. We watched countless hours of films of the opponent’s games and films specifically of the player opposite you. Additionally, you analyze how your team and you played in your previous game. Each team had a unique playbook that needed to be memorized so thoroughly that when a different play was called on the line, you instantly knew your role. Then there was the conditioning – hours of strength training, flexibility and agility exercises followed by a proper diet. All this for ten minutes each week!

How do you prepare for game time? Does it involve a game plan, videos, coaching, scripting, reviewing past meetings and conditioning? Or does it start with a cup of coffee, reading the paper, checking personal emails, checking what is happening online, hanging by the water cooler and then starting with the easiest tasks of the day? There are professionals and then there are amateurs. Do you have the system to become the best that you can be? As a freshman in college, I was 195 lbs. in the starting lineup as a D-Tackle. By the time I walked on the Atlanta Falcons training field in Suwanee, GA, I was 275 lbs. and ran a 4.8 second 40 yard dash (without the use of performance enhancing drugs). How did it end? Well, we’ll get to that at the end of this white paper; first let’s work on YOUR productive activity! As Hans and Franz cheer on their SNL skit, “We’re going to PUMP you up!”

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